Wednesday, 27 October 2010

We Have a Shop

Welcome welcome welcome. As of today, Technicolour is officially open for business, offering some delightful art and design made by us: Joanne Richardson, Jenny Sweetnam and Magda Boreysza. We'll be posting plenty of pictures of our products here, but to start off, some photos from our last two weeks:

 Jo and Jenny renovating.

Random act of kindness: a very nice man named Terry cleaned our shop front for free. He's part of the Join Me movement. Check it out.

Ripping up the floor.

 A nice little workspace in the back.

 Putting up work: Jenny's jackets.

 Putting up work: Magda's creatures.

Jenny making origami flexi hexagons for the window display. If you don't know what a flexi hexi is, look at the little photo in the right hand corner or the blog. Or drop by the shop - we have golden ones.  

 Contemplative ape on a plate. By Magda.